Kual SA is a small family business.

The director of the company became interested in new materials for cheese moulds while studying mechanical engineering at the National Technology University in Rafaela, the biggest milk producing area of Argentina. The foundation of the company that later on would become Kual was developed across 2003, when they started producing new plastic moulds with the help of local industry to supply the national market.

The business started with Dambo micro-perforated double mould and then the line was expanded  with new products to meet customer needs.

The products were sold to different markets: Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador , Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.

In May 2009 KUAL was further developed as a new industry specialized in manufacturing a new generation of micro-perforated plastic cheese moulds.  In late that same year, under this brand name, Kual SA could materialize orders to such leading markets as the United Kingdom and Denmark.

The production equipment is three times as much as the company first had when it was established in the new headquarters. In addition there have been made important investments in plastic welding equipment.


Develop our product to best meet the needs of our clients.

Maintain the best quality that allows us to be markets leaders.

To further improve our presence in the international market.


Constant innovation is imperative. Allocation of financial investments and research laboratory will constantly help to better our products making them yet more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Quality. We choose carefully the right materials for a personalized and detailed job.


We are responsible for hygiene and safety environment in our plant and the correct handling of our machinery.

We carefully watch the efficient use of energy resources and a correct treatment of waste in order to reduce the impact caused by our activity in the environment.

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